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How Do We Build CAMEO?

How do weUnder the bonnet, we build CAMEO UK in modules, or building blocks. This gives us the flexibility we need to incorporate new data sets when they become available and guarantees that the discriminative power of CAMEO UK is at the maximum possible!

We have also ensured that our approach is sustainable. All our inputs will be available for the long term. We've reduced our reliance on the Census data by using additional open government data and Callcredit's UK consumer universe, all of which get updated more regularly than the census. Our consumer universe was validated against the Census population counts, as part of the CAMEO build process, and provided very high accuracy levels within +/-3% of Census counts. 

This flexible, responsive and sustainable approach means that users can be sure that CAMEO UK provides the most accurate view of UK consumers at the individual, household and postcode level.

Individual postcode


Number 1 Latest modelling techniques used to layer intelligence from multiple levels including neighbourhood, postcode, household and individual level data to provide the best discrimination and insight in the market.
Number 2 Built with dynamic links to Callcredit’s consumer database, CAMEO accurately reflects the changing UK population and enables consumers to move categories at key life stage events such as marriage, birth of children or other major changes in circumstances.
Number 3 With the expansion of data types available, we have worked to ensure the CAMEO build process is flexible enough to incorporate new sources.  We have taken a modular approach so we can add data sets as they come on-stream and provide new dimensions.
Number 4 Better and more accurate data sources than ever before. The CAMEO build data sets are designed to be updated on a regular basis as the data sets get refreshed.
Number 5 CAMEO segments output at 3 levels (Postcode/Household/Individual), that can be used interchangeably to maximize match rates and accuracy levels of customer CAMEO profiles.
Number 6 Further insight gleaned from appending CAMEO to the YouGov and TGI market research panels to understand each of the CAMEO consumer types in terms of their attitudes, behaviours, brand preferences, media consumption and opinions.  This includes access to real time views on current affairs through the YouGov daily polls.


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CAMEO UK Infographic

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