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The Data We Use

Building blocksKeeping up with a continually changing society and exploiting the latest data-led innovations may well make the difference between hitting or missing your business objectives.  So an understanding of these current shifts and behaviours is vital.  Traditionally, consumer segmentations have been based on data on a 'snap shot' in time and this has been one of their limitations.  With the new CAMEO UK build, TransUnion have used new data sets and modelling techniques to create a more accurate and in-depth consumer segmentation.

Census data also plays a part – why wouldn’t we use the most comprehensive data set available in the UK?  But the real driving force behind CAMEO UK’s power lies in our diversity of data. 

Further details on the CAMEO data sources are provided below:



The Census is the most comprehensive data set available in the UK providing over 400 consistent attributes on every household.  It is true that the government may discontinue the Census in this current format; however we feel we should make the most of the data while it is available!  Due to the uncertainty of future Censuses, we have changed our modelling process to focus more on alternative data sources.

Government / Open Data Sources

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People around the world are demanding much greater openness, democracy and accountability from their governments.  As such, governments are making open data and transparency a key priority to drive improvements to public service and stimulate innovation. The Open Data Charter signed by G8 governments promotes the release of open data to create more accurate, and effective government and business to drive economic growth.

Here in the UK, we are leading the world on open data and have the most comprehensive data resource in the world with more than 10,300 data files.  TransUnion have sieved through this vast amount of intelligence at an individual, household and area level, to find the elements that will be most insightful for consumer segmentation.  This data covers statistics on unemployment levels, housing, property prices, directorships, investment holdings, income, education, deprivation, crime, health and transportation. Our Data Strategy and Innovation team track changes to policy and regulation, evaluating any new data sources that are made available in terms of the uplift and insight they can bring. Key new data sources identified, will then be incorporated into CAMEO. 

Kantar Media TGI

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Kantar Media TGI is a continuous, single source survey of adults present in over 60 countries worldwide based on a robust, nationally representative sample. Coverage of consumer life includes demographics, product usage, media habits, leisure activities, attitudes and behaviours (both online and offline).

TGI provides extensive coverage of all aspects of consumer life, from product and services use to brand consumption across a broad range of sectors including:

  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Communications
  • Shopping
  • FMCG
  • Sports and Leisure

The TGI data is used to provide additional insight into the CAMEO segments in terms of their brand preferences, lifestyle and media consumption.  The TGI survey is based on a UK sample of 25,000 individuals and covers over 4000 brands across 500 product areas and CAMEO profiles are available for each of these brands.

TransUnion’s Risk Data

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TransUnion is one of three Credit Reference Agencies, specialising in delivering the UK’s most innovative and customer-focused credit solutions, including credit risk, affordability, verification, fraud, collections and recoveries.  The CAMEO build has made used of all the credit risk data that is publicly available and includes County Court Judgments, Bankruptcy and Insolvency data.  This credit data is used to under the risk of each CAMEO segment.

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