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No other consumer classification has such a wide international coverage. CAMEO covers over 35 countries, each with a country specific segmentation and a universal International CAMEO code. This helps you link your classification strategy across borders, enabling a truly global approach to consumer segmentation.

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CAMEO is built from multiple data sets sourced from government open data and proprietary data. This enables us to build up an accurate and rounded picture of a person and their surrounding neighbourhood.

Recency, flexibility & sustainability

CAMEO employs leading-edge modelling techniques which means that individual datasets can be updated or new sources added, without rebuilding, keeping the classification continually up to date and relevant.


Products, markets and customers are diverse – so no single segmentation will suit all types of consumers. Uniquely CAMEO can be viewed through a series of different lenses, providing a more powerful and adaptable solution for today’s ever changing society. So whether it’s age, audience, lifestyle, digital usage or risk driving your customer’s purchasing behaviour, all which may vary by product, CAMEO will provide exceptional discrimination.

Insightful collateral & heightened usability

The CAMEO Microsite provides highly interactive and engaging insights into each CAMEO type using detailed sector specific descriptors and engaging visualisations. In addition, CAMEO is appended to the UK’s top Market Research panels, to provide constantly updated insights into consumer brand preferences, attitudes, behaviour and lifestyles.

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Customer insight for analysis and targeting.

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Consumer insights to make informed choices. 

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