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CAMEO for Marketing

TargetCAMEO is the most extensive consumer segmentation system covering over 35 countries, supporting global marketing initiatives. CAMEO has a universal international code enabling Marketers to profile and target customers across borders and quickly assesses market potential in new regions.

The UK CAMEO classifications is available at individual postcode level. The segmentations provide powerful consumer insight, which can be used by Marketers to deliver tailored and effective marketing campaigns. CAMEO helps understand customers in terms of their:

  • Demographics – age, gender, lifestage, ethnicity, education, occupation
  • Affluence – income, investments, property value, spending, risk
  • Lifestyle and media - hobbies, interests, holidays, brand affinities
  • Behaviour – channel usage, loyal or switcher, technology use
  • Attitudes – green and ethical views, leader or follower, spender or saver

Ask yourself these simple questions - if you don't know who your customers are then:

  • How can you attract new and profitable ones?
  • How can you ensure you're marketing the right offer with the right message?
  • How can you instil loyalty, reduce churn and increase customer value?
  • How do you know you're positioning your retail outlets in the right place?
  • How can you plan for the future with confidence?

Key uses of CAMEO for marketing:

Number 1

Segmentation & Profiling - Understand the key characteristics and behaviour of your customers through CAMEO profiling. Where do they live? What do they look like? Where else do they shop? What are their attitudes and typical lifestyle? What will appeal to them? How can I differentiate my most profitable customers?


Number 2

Selection & Targeting – Use CAMEO to target the right prospect, with the right offer and right channel.


Number 3

Market Assessment – CAMEO can help assess market potential and evaluate the impact of change – new products, brands, channels or societal and technological change. CAMEO is appended to the leading Market Research panels such as TGI and YouGov, so you can tap into their research using the CAMEO codes to translate the impact to your customers and markets.


Number 4

Customer Analysis and Modelling – Append CAMEO to your customer base to enhance the insight into each customer and help segment your database. The CAMEO variables provide universal attributes which can be used in advanced customer analysis and modelling.


Number 5

Campaign Planning – different people like to be communicated with in different ways. The CAMEO profile can be used to tailor campaigns and ensure you select the right channel, message and offer for each customer. CAMEO supports multi-media campaigns and CAMEO profiles are available for radio, TV and newspaper catchments as well as door drops and outdoor media.


Number 6

Catchment Analysis & Retail Planning – CAMEO can be grouped up to a catchment level to understand market potential and assist retail planning.



Benefits at a glance

  • Improves customer insight
  • Increases targeting precision
  • Boosts response
  • Lowers cost per acquisition
  • Reduces marketing wastage and cuts costs

Key applications

  • Enhance and segment customer databases 
  • Understand your customers and responders through profiling 
  • Locate and target more prospects by finding ‘look-a-likes’ 
  • Perform catchment area and site location analysis 
  • Understand market potential
  • Screen marketing lists
  • Use in advanced statistical analysis and modelling

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