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CAMEO for Retail Planning

Drawing pinCAMEO enables Retail Planners to quickly gain an understanding of ‘who’ their customers are, ‘what’ they look like in terms of their geodemographics and spending power and when used in our GIS tool, MVPLUS, ‘where’ they live and ‘how’ far they typically travel.

Allows organisations to effectively cross national boundaries in their marketing activities by enabling them to visualise, analyse and report on national markets and individual local catchments for a wide range of countries across Europe, America, Asia & Australasia.

Key uses of CAMEO for Retail Planning:

The CAMEO Classifications can be used in a number of different ways to assist in Retail Planning:

  • Understand your customers and catchments through profiling
  • Apply the CAMEO profile to locate ‘hot spots’ of look-a-likes prospects
  • Perform catchment area and site location analysis using CAMEO
  • Understand market potential, set sales targets and evaluate outlet performance
  • Use in advanced statistical analysis and gravity modelling to help predict retail demand

The CAMEO Classifications are licensed as directories at postcode, household or individual levels, however they can also be provided as integral data sets within our marketing intelligence and GIS software MVPLUS. MVPLUS helps you understand your customers and their locations, with in-built tools for customer profiling, catchment analysis and network planning.

Customer Profiling and Market Analysis:

  • MVPLUS incorporates functionality to profile customer data against the UK and Global CAMEO Classification suite for consumer analysis, prospect targeting and catchment evaluation.

Image 1

  • The CAMEO International profile can be translated and applied from one country to another enabling users to enter new overseas markets where no customer data is currently available.
  • The CAMEO profile combined with the customer drive time analysis, enables you to create store catchments and evaluate the local market for each outlet.

Evaluate Store Catchments, Market Potential and Sales Performance:

  • Understand the CAMEO profile of any defined catchment

 CAMEO-block -map


  • Once you understand the CAMEO profile, you can use this to forecast market potential at either a network level or for individual outlets or specific product lines.
  • This can then be used to set sales targets, benchmark actual store performance and assist in network planning decisions such as new store locations or rationalisation.
  • As well as having CAMEO in MVPLUS, additional data sets are available to support retail planning. These include competitor store locations, retail centre attractiveness ratings and catchment areas.
  • Enables users to compare product or market research profiles to identify a ‘Brand Fit’ for planning market expansion, cross-sell and up-sell and affinity relationship strategies

Estimate Demand and Brand fit using Market Research CAMEO Profiles

  • Throughout the UK, a number of companies perform Market Research on consumer behaviour in terms of their purchase, consumption and usage of a wide range of products, services and brands. To do this research they survey specially selected panels of consumers, which are demographically and regionally balanced to offer a representative picture of the Great British marketplace.

Image 3


  • Surveys are wide-ranging, spanning from the purchase of groceries through to clothing, financial products, domestic appliances and home furnishings. However, this information on its own is difficult to apply to your market.
  • We currently work with the following companies and surveys to provide CAMEO UK profiles of each question asked, enabling lifestyle, behavioural and purchasing attitudes to be readily understood in terms of their geodemographics:
    • Target Group Index from Kantar Media


CAMEO profiles against either of these surveys can be utilised for a range of marketing and strategic planning activities. These include:

  • New Market Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Customer Benchmarking
  • Market Size & Distribution
  • Market Potential Analysis
  • Catchment Analysis
  • Store Location Analysis
  • Brand or Product Development & Placement 

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