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Callcredit’s research highlights the challenges facing banks in reassuring customers of online security

Callcredit has enhanced research, undertaken by YouGov*, with its CAMEO UK segmentation tool to reveal 59 per cent of those categorised as 'Business Elite' are concerned about the threat of fraud after entering their personal details on the internet. 

24th November 2015


Consumer groups embrace the future of ID verification, research shows

Groups of consumers surveyed by Callcredit Information Group are embracing new technology as banks look at more sophisticated ways to perform online ID verification in the fight against fraud.

12th October 2015


Many consumers still to embrace change and use mobile banking apps

Research released today by Callcredit Information Group reveal that less than a third of the socio-economic group ‘Business Elite’ use a banking app on their smartphone.

21st September 2015


A look at the energy saving initiatives of UK consumers over the past 2 years

Our latest infographic gives an interesting insight into the energy saving behaviour of UK consumers and how this differs by demographic group.


21st May 2015

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Consumers like to have a flutter and gamble for fun, according to research from leading consumer insight specialist  

According to Callcredit Information Group’s research 72 per cent of consumers who confirmed they had gambled in the last 12 months had played the lottery and 44 per cent gamble for fun.

7th May 2015

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Forty nine per cent of consumers say no to credit this year

Our latest research has revealed a change in consumer attitude towards utilising credit with forty nine per cent of consumers confirming they have no plans to use credit this year, with over a third opting to use credit only to take advantage of rewards and cash backs.

10th March 2015

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Consumers snub ‘big four’ supermarkets for their Christmas food shop in favour of Aldi & Lidl

The big four supermarkets continue to face pressures this Christmas as consumers look to obtain better value for money and move their Christmas food shop to stores such as Aldi and Lidl.

18th December 2014

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Consumers set to shun credit this Christmas

The majority of consumers (77 per cent) have said they will turn their back on credit this year and instead use their salaries to pay for Christmas 2014, according to research commissioned by Callcredit Information Group.

24 November 2014

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Vast majority of homeowners have become complacent over mortgage rate increase threat

The latest research commissioned by Callcredit Information Group has found that the majority of homeowners do not know what impact a rise in interest rates will have on their monthly mortgage repayments.

7 October 2014

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45 per cent of fathers would still take their children out of school for a holiday regardless of the new legislation

Research commissioned by Callcredit Information Group has revealed that 45 per cent of fathers would still take their children out of school to get a good deal on a holiday regardless of the introduction of new legislation and the possibility of hefty fines...

30 July 2014

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World Cup semi-final line up confirmed, but which consumers want which teams to win?

Callcredit Information Group has enhanced independent research conducted by YouGov* and highlighted clear differing views amongst specific groups of consumers as to which team should win the World Cup...

8 July 2014

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Will the housing market cool and will the property bubble burst, asks Callcredit?

Leading consumer insight specialist Callcredit Information Group has, in association with YouGov*, conducted independent research to highlight consumer views on the continuing rise in house prices and their future sustainability...

7 July 2014

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